Guayusa loose leaf

We do not grind our leaves, we hand-crush them so you can enjoy the intense color, texture and flavor of the amazon guayusa.
Loose leaf takes a little longer in making the perfect cup of guayusa, but the wait is well worth it. Drink it on its own or with a few drops of lemon and honey.
energy leaves comes in a recycled cane paper package. For us, it is very important to use planet friendly materials.
With energy leaves, you can prepare your own iced drink as they do on a hot Amazonian jungle day.


Guayusa soda

Lots of fun, slightly carbonated and sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Ginger guayusa Wá

Iced, slightly spicy and bubbly. 300 ml of pure energy!
Cheers you up on a cloudy day.


Hibiscus guayusa Wá

How does blending exotic flowers and leaves in an amber glass bottle sound?
For us, it sounds like a party!!!!
Enjoy the sweet and acid tones of this natural soda.


Lemon guayusa Wá

Subtle and light, made with the purest and basic ingredients to smoothen out your life.
So refreshing!